Um... What's a Sherpa?

Sherpas are the traditional guides that lead explorers and adventurers to the top of Mount Everest. Their mission is to guide others to accomplish their goals. They have the virtues of Fortitude, Knowledge, Service & Humility. That is the DNA of Sherpa Driver Training.  

I'm Jonathan Stahnke. I've been in the oilfield for a little over 20 years from Brownsville to Dawson Creek. I've helped to coach fellow coworkers and friends with their driving skills off and on for years. Now it's time to do the same thing in more of an official capacity. The training material is custom built to do far more than help you to simply pass a DMV test and an over the road test later. The people that I have trained have the capacity to be the up-and-coming Driver Leaders in the companies that they work for. So, this curriculum is geared for just that!

1st Peter 4:10

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